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Werner Hall
Certified tour guide and owner

For more than four decades already, the motorcycle has been a steady companion of mine. The Puch Maxi S, Vespa and big players such as the BMW GS, Triumph Tiger XC or my present Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports that share their presence with Italian beauties like an MV Augusta, Guzzi or Benelli, they all have been part of my motorcycle family accompanying me as a member of several motorbike clubs around the world. On my numerous trips through Germany, the Alps, the South of Europe and the US, I’ve been privileged to guide multiple tours and gather valuable experience and learned that it is vital to carry a map with you, despite GPS and navigation system,  and to know how to be guided by the position of the sun – and that if you sometimes take the wrong turn you may end up on the most beautiful roads …

My love and dedication to motor cycling was the reason why I decided to leave my family business after 30 years and turned my hobby into my profession: I became a certified motorcycle tour guide, knowing that only on the motorbike, all your senses are stimulated. Bikers are confronted with heat, cold, wind, rain and smells. This, combined with the unforgettable impressions of different sceneries and mother nature, is what freedom is all about.

I look forward to sharing my passion for motorbiking and my experiences with you.