The SOULMADE TOURS level system

Damit Du Dich in Deinem Motorradurlaub nicht nur rundum wohl-, sondern auch sicher fühlst, hat SOULMADE TOURS ein Level-System eingeführt, um Dein Fahrkönnen entsprechend ein- und zuzuordnen. Denn es ist uns wichtig, dass Du Dich weiterentwickeln und Erfahrungen sammeln kannst. Das funktioniert am besten, wenn Du mit Bikern unterwegs bist, die ein ähnliches Fahrniveau haben. So fühlst Du Dich weder unter- noch überfordert.

Natürlich versteht es sich von selbst, dass wir uns jederzeit streng an die Vorgaben der Straßenverkehrsordnung halten, im In- und Ausland. Damit Du Dich neben gutem Essen und einzigartiger Natur auch entspannt und

We want to make sure you feel safe and comfortable during your trip and have introduced a system of various difficulty levels in order to classify and allocate your riding skills, since we want you to gather riding experience and thus improve. This works best if you are joined with bikers of a similar level. This way, you feel neither un- nor overchallenged.

We strictly obey traffic laws in each country we travel through, so that beside good food and beautiful nature, you feel relaxed and safe. This is what the soulmade tours feelgood factor is about: motorbike trips – made for body, mind and soul.

sicher fühlst, denn das macht den „soulmade“ Wohlfühlfaktor aus: Touren – gemacht für Körper, Geist und Seele.

Level A

Level A is dedicated to newcomers and returners with little experience. For level A bikers, day trips are a little shorter, allowing you enough time to optimize your riding skills. Your ambition is required to work on your abilities and move up to the next level quickly.

Level A

  • Newcomers and returners
  • Requirements: riding enjoyment and the will to improve one’s skills
  • Level B is for more experienced bikers and returners who already feel safe when cornering, because in level B it’s all about serpentines. We’ll make sure that your cornering skills improve and want to bring your confidence between men and the machine to a whole new level, without taking any risk. The tours are combined with wide and narrow curves that you will be able to ride safely.

Level B

  • Requirements:
  • advanced riding skills according to traffic codes
  • flawless starting – including hills
  • safe cornering
  • safe overtaking
  • safe increasing to full speed
  • ambition to improve own riding skills and enjoyment
  • Multi-day tours of up to 300km including breaks

Level C

If you manage level B easily and safely, you will truly enjoy the tours in level C!

C is dedicated to very experienced bikers and returners who enjoy a long-term riding experience and want to refine their technique. The day on the bike can take longer and lead the motor cyclist to occasional unpaved roads. In level C, you easily manage hairpin turns and mountain passes. Honest self-evaluation is essential, and as always, also in level C, we stick to the traffic code of each country!

Level C

  • Requirements: advanced riding skills in all situations and safe increasing to full speed
  • Longer day trips of up to 400km – especially upon arrival

SOULMADE TOURS offers you the opportunity to try out a higher level for one day, if approved by our guides. This is a great chance to learn a bit more and share your experiences with the other bikers.